URGENT : Practically Everything About the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 Has Been Leaked

Leaks show Google may try to throw in a free Pixel Watch 2 when buying a Pixel 8 Pro, plus it may offer seven years of support.

Practically Everything About the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 Has Been Leaked

Little more than a week before Google is set to unveil the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 at its “Made By Google” event, practically everything we could possibly want to learn about the devices’ specs and launch promos is out well before the announcement date. This includes an eye-popping phone and watch combo deal, plus a promised seven full years of security updates.

As tweeted by reliable Android leaker Kamila Wojciechowska and published by 91Mobiles, we now have what could be the full product specs and even the planned promotional video for the new phone. Based on these details, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are a step up from what came before. Both the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are sporting the Tensor G3 chip, but the regular Pixel 8 is getting a variable refresh rate from 60 to 120Hz. That’s compared to the 90Hz base refresh rate on the Pixel 7. The Pro has a variable rate from 1 to 120Hz that should self-adjust based on user activity.

The Pixel 8 Pro maintains the 50 MP main sensor, but it also supports a 48 MP ultrawide sensor alongside the 48 MP telephoto lens. The regular Pixel 8 is receiving Macro Focus, the feature that allows the phone to keep a good focus even when zoomed in close on an object. Both phones will reportedly see the front camera downgraded slightly from a 10.8 MP sensor to a 10.5 MP. The leaked promo video for the Pixel 8 spends a lot of time talking up camera features, such as DSLR-like camera controls on Pro, Real Tone, and the addition of night sight and audio eraser.

There were some rumors floating around that the Pixel 8 would shake itself free of a physical SIM card as Apple’s been doing since the iPhone 14. However, the spec sheets make it clear that won’t be the case. What’s more, Google is promising those who upgrade won’t have to worry about their device depreciating for years to come. The specs make mention of seven years of updates. While this does mention OS and security updates, we expect this may be more about keeping users’ phones secure than issuing new feature drops.

One of the more interesting details put out by all these product image leaks is one message that reads “Pre-order Pixel 8 /Pro and get a Pixel Watch 2 on us.” There could be so much wiggle room in that supposed deal, and even though screenshots of the supposed store pages for the Pixel 8 are now circulating online, we don’t know what fine print caveats there will be for getting both a $350+ watch and $899 phone at the same time.

While there aren’t as many specific spec leaks for the Pixel Watch 2, Google’s updated smartwatch is reportedly packing a few more features as well. It’s still got the same bezel-less display (which as a result was known for being prone to damage), but according to 91Mobiles based on Wojciechowska’s info, the Watch 2 should be getting several major Fitbit features like a multi-path heart rate sensor and more stress monitoring capabilities. The Watch 2 is also going all-in on health, with more workout tracking that includes running and cycling. It has the same battery life as the first Pixel Watch with 24+ hours with the always-on display. There are four color combos to choose from, including silver/bay, black/obsidian, champagne gold/hazel, and silver/bay. In a leaked promo video, Google is also promoting a few different band color options as well.

There were some rumors the Pixel 8 Pro would see a bump in price as well, but images Wojciechowska posted Sunday suggest that the Pro will maintain the $899 price point as the previous generation. The regular Pixel 8, however, could be $699, $100 more than last year’s Pixel 7.


Google’s phone pre-launch event has been an absolute sieve of information, letting leaks fall in a torrent upon our rather drenched heads. By the time the Pixel 8’s actual announcement comes around, we might already be up to our necks in Google’s latest tech.

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