Live Updates: ‘Our Support Will Not Waver,’ Biden Says After Putin Signals Sharper Break

President Biden delivered remarks in Warsaw hours after President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said he would suspend participation in a nuclear arms control agreement with the U.S.

‘We will not tire,’ Biden says of support for Ukraine hours after Putin delivers defiant speech to Russians. Here’s what to know.

President Biden vowed on Tuesday that the United States would “not tire” in its support of Ukraine, describing the American commitment to NATO and Ukraine as a battle for freedom against autocracy in a speech delivered just hours after President Vladimir V. Putin presented a radically different account of the war.

In his national address, Mr. Putin showed no sign that he would change course, instead signaling that Russians should prepare for a long war ahead. He accused the West of a “totalitarian” project to control the world under the guise of spreading liberal values, and declared Russia was suspending the one remaining nuclear arms treaty with the United States.

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